ANFO Mix Modules and Units

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Our ANFO mix module units represent the simplest method to manufacture ANFO. The units consist of an Ammonium Nitrate storage tank and a process fuel oil tank. ANFO is discharged using either an auger or a pneumatic hose. Systems are self-contained and manufactured so it can easily be fitted to standard flat bed trucks or a variety of other equipment. Diesel engines are provided to power the hydraulic system, which operates the augers and pumps. 

The units can be controlled either electrically or manually via hydraulic levers. Electric controls allow batch and total amounts to be recorded. Specialised controllers can also provide ingredients percentages and individual ingredient rates.


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Bin capacities range from 1-8 tonnes (2204 – 17632 lbs), with discharge rates from 50 – 400kgs (110 – 882 lbs) per minute.

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