Introducing our newest design for loading up, down and or lateral holes in an underground mining environment.

This self-contained design is supplied with a 38kW Tier 3 diesel motor that powers the hydraulic system. The entire pump system is hydraulic operated with a product pump, 2 Trace ingredient pumps, a water injection pump and a hydraulic operated homogeniser. This is normally used when loading upholes and or used to mix in the trace ingredients for other loading applications. The systems also contains a hose pusher mounted at the end of a Palfinger crane that can reach 5.6m and can be used for the various loading applications.

The controls are simplistic for use in a remote mining environment using manual flow controls to set the individual rates for each ingredient with the rates monitored on an IFM Touchscreen. The controls can be upgraded to a fully automated system with proportional hydraulics and a recipe based control system using closed loop controls if so desired. The IFM Touchscreen is rated at 100g shock and provided as the operator interface with all the information controlled at the touch of a finger. Data logging can also be added to this control system.

If you require a customised loading application using a portable pump skid and or one designed for a specialised carrier used in an underground environment, please contact IEE Global as we will design, build, test and deliver any design required in today‚Äôs tough mining environment.

For more information please contact Brian at or alternatively call +61 (0) 8 9358 4222.