About IEE Global

Explosive Equipment Australia

World-leading explosives equipment manufacturer since 1989

Founded by Brian Schofield in 1989, IEE Global designs and builds high quality and competitively priced equipment to the bulk explosive sectors and mining industries worldwide.

Since conception, IEE Global has remained a world-leading explosives equipment manufacturer and supplier. Today our company has from 50 employees spread across two workshops and a team of mobile personal on hand to service site equipment in any locations necessary.

Our head office located in Welshpool, WA boasts a custom-built workshop dedicated to delivering results. Fitted with 10 overhead cranes, a downdraft heated spray booth and dedicated training rooms, our custom facility enables us to supply and meet the challenges of our industry quickly and efficiently while remaining focused on servicing our customers’ needs.

Our extensive range of products are built to Australian specifications for global mining conditions. Our highly trained staff can assist you throughout the various phases of your project from planning, engineering, design, fabrication and delivery, and deliver a full range of custom equipment for the explosives and mining industry. We manufacture and supply:

  • ANFO mix modules and units
  • Heavy ANFO units
  • Multiple mix pump units
  • Product transfer systems
  • Process plants
  • Control systems
  • Safety systems

IEE Global has successfully gained market share in countries throughout the world including Australia, USA, Russian Federation, Germany, Japan Indonesia, New Zealand and Thailand to name a few.

We manufacture some of the safest and most technically advanced equipment in the world. Contact us on +61 8 9358 4222 or email us at sales@iee-global.com